Chocolate candy is a favorite with most everyone!
These make great
corporate gifts too.
"The website is easy to use, the treats taste even better than they look, all for a reasonable price and they ship anywhere"                  Doug - From NH
Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
Crisp graham crackers dipped in milk or dark chocolate and
drizzled with white chocolate
Flavor Choices: milk or dark chocolate or variety
Comes in 12 per one pound box
$17.75 per box

Chocolate Bark
Choose fine milk or dark chocolate
Choose from hand selected roasted almonds or pecans.
8 ounce Bag $15.50
1 pound Box $ 29.50

Two crisp graham crackers sandwiched around marshmallow filling and dipped in rich chocolate.
Flavor Choices: milk or dark chocolate or variety
$18.25 per 1 pound box of 9


Peppermint Bark
The cool flavor and crunch of candy canes mingled with rich chocolate. Choose dark or milk chocolate or assorted.
8 ounce Bag $15.50
1 pound Box $29.50

Double chocolate fiddlesticks

Double chocolate fiddlesticks
2 crisp pretzel rods dipped in an assortment of Belgium chocolates and a choice of many decadent toppings.
Choose Dark, Milk or assorted chocolate
Topping choices:
Caramel toffee crunch
Mint chocolate chip
Peanut butter cup
Chocolate caramel pecan
Rocky Road
Frosted sugar cookie
Heavenly S'mores
Cookies and Cream
Chocolate chip
Mega Mudslide
One set of double fiddlesticks for $4.50

Braided pretzels

 Braided Pretzels
Covered in delicious, thick gourmet Belgium white, milk or dark chocolate in an elegant box with a pretty ribbon. 12 pretzels per box.
Choose from white, milk, dark, combination (dark chocolate with white chocolate stripes) or assorted.
Extras: Pecans, Walnuts, Peanuts, or toffee can be added for $3.00 more
Choice of packaging: Pretzels can be individually wrapped or in a box.
Gift wrap option $1.50


Vermont Cow Chocolate Pops
Yummy dark or milk chocolate cow shaped lollipops. Comes by the dozen.
Cost is $24.00 per dozen
Choice: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate or assorted.

Chocolate pecan caramels
A sinfully decadent chocolate shaped turtle filled with caramel and pecans. 8 per package. If you don't specify a chocolate type, we will mix 4 dark and 4 milk chocolate ones.
Vermont MOO 
 Vermont MOO
Thick layers of marshmallow, caramel and graham cracker covered in a shell of dark, milk or white chocolate. Variety, Milk, dark or white chocolate. individually wrapped or in a decorative box. 6 per order. Each piece weighs 5 oz.

Solid Chocolate motorcycle lollipops
(click image to see a larger view)
12 solid chocolate motorcycle lollipops. Great for birthday parties or motorcycle enthusiasts! White, milk, dark or variety of chocolates.
$20.00 per dozen

 Marshmallow Kebobs

Marshmallow Kebobs
A child's fantasy come true. 4 marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and smothered with sprinkles. Great for birthday parties. Adults love them to. Packaged 1 dozen (12) per pkg.


9 individually wrapped Pretzel rods dipped in caramel, rolled in fresh pecan pieces, and drizzled with rich, thick streams of
milk, white or dark chocolate.
9 pieces for $21.95
Choose Dark, milk or white chocolate, or variety of 3 each.


Peanut Butter Cups
What goes better with rich creamy peanut butter than chocolate. Enjoy this dreamy treat in white, dark or milk chocolate. Comes 4 peanut butter cups 2 inches round, 8 oz. per box, packaged in a beautiful gift box.


Chocolate Moose lollipops
12 moose lollipops made from pure Belgium Chocolates, great for stocking stuffers or birthday parties. White, milk, dark or variety of chocolates.
$18.00 per dozen





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